Weight Loss & Management

Our 10-week Weight Loss Challenge helps you lose weight and adopt healthy eating and exercise habits. We’ll support you every step of the way. We measure your initial body composition, share information about fitness and nutrition, support you with weekly meetings, and motivate you throughout the process. In short, we’re here for you. WEEKLY IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL MEETINGS include a weigh-in, review of food and exercise logs, and an opportunity to share ideas and strategies for success with fellow members.


weight loss challenge

10-Week Weight Loss Challenge Coming in 2021!

The 10-week Weight Loss Challenge Includes:
• Body composition analysis using InBody 230* (*done in-person at one of our open YMCAs. Not available for virtual-only participants.)
- Body fat mass
- Skeletal muscle mass
- Segmental lean body mass analysis
- Basal metabolic rate
• Weekly weigh-in and meeting
• Food and exercise log assessment
• Final fitness assessment
• Weekly video tips for healthy exercise, nutrition, behavior

You’ll also receive:
• Expert advice on exercise, sleep, hormones, nutrition and healthy living

Learn to:
• Eat well and exercise wisely
• Achieve and maintain weight loss
• Overcome obstacles and learn healthy habits
• Sustain motivation for both exercise and healthy eating


For more information regarding the Weight Loss Challenge,
contact Andrea Wilger at andrea.wilger@ymcasv.org
healthy kids

Healthy Weight and Your Child

Reclaim your family’s health through healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle through a 25 session evidence-based program for children with obesity. The family-based weight-management program focuses on nutrition education and physical activity to encourage healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle to reach a healthy weight.