We know parents want the best for their kids and kids want to have fun. That's why, at the Y, our mission is centered on balance. We bring families closer together, encourage good health and foster connections through fitness, sports and shared interests. Millions of youth and adults all over the world turn to the Y for support, guidance and the resources they need to strengthen and maintain their healthy, happy families. Today, all families can find their second home together at the Y.

Family Program

Free Family Events

The Y offers a multitude of family events throughout Silicon Valley so families can share an experience and strengthen their bonds to each other. Family time at the Y is about giving families a multitude of opportunities to deepen their relationships, develop new skills and interests, improve their health and well-being, and connect to the community. Our branches throughout Silicon Valley offer a variety of free and fee-based events that everyone in the family can enjoy.
family fitness

Youth & Family Fitness Classes

Group exercise classes aren't just for adults! Have fun and get fit as a family with our family and youth fitness classes.

happy kids

Paid Youth & Family Programs

The Y is committed to delivering quality programs for youth and families to develop new skills, build character, and enjoy new experiences.

Adventure Guides

Adventure Guides is an action-oriented, year-long adventure program designed for parent/child pairs to strengthen their relationship through shared experiences. With a circle of families in their community, parents and children will enjoy weekend campouts, volunteer projects, monthly meetings and other activities centered around skill-building and fun. The Y’s core values — caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility — make up the guiding principles of the program.