1. Volunteer at a food bank

Food banks rely on volunteers to keep their doors open and keep meals going out to those in need. Find one near your home and spend a day cooking meals, serving food, washing dishes or just connecting with someone enjoying a meal there to really make their day brighter.

2. Help someone get active

Is there someone in your immediate circle who could use the encouragement to get out and get more physical activity? Bring them to the Y with you for a fun partner workout, or take a group exercise class together.

Deepen your impact by thinking beyond your friends and family. Visit a nearby elderly home and ask if they need any assistance, or come by the Y and ask to see if there is anyone they can partner you with.

3. Clean out your home of unnecessary items

Items you no longer use can really impact someone else’s life when you donate them to a local shelter. Think about things you may have extras of like blankets, towels, or clothing. These are items that are always appreciated and necessary.

4. Recycle

Recycle glass, aluminum, paper, and cardboard products as often as possible. Many people feel they can’t make a difference on their own, but making a change in yourself can affect change in others. Purchasing recycled products and recommending them to friends can also go a long way to helping out the environment and your own community’s waste management.   

Make a difference today!